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  1. Jeff
    Snow Conditions Not Rated
    Quality of Terrain Not Rated
    Family Friendly Not Rated
    Atmosphere Not Rated
    Value Not Rated

    The powder here is really awesome! Always had a great time skiing here. It is in the middle of nowhere but its an awesome mountain experiance.

  2. Jeff
    Snow Conditions 55555
    Quality of Terrain 55555
    Family Friendly 44444
    Atmosphere 33333
    Value 55555

    sorry forgot to rate lol

  3. Bill
    Snow Conditions 22222
    Quality of Terrain 11111
    Family Friendly 11111
    Atmosphere 22222
    Value 11111

    The truth is the place is flat and on any decent dump you go strait down with maybe a wiggle or two but not to much or you get stuck in the flats. There are huge ugly powerlines running right through the middle of the mountain (hope it never breaks and zaps everyone to death on the lift). The snow below this mid mountain is usually nasty frozen crap. As for the local secret spots, well you may get ten turns on something maybe 30-35 degrees but but its a mission to get there and a mission to get back. 35 minutes per loop, maybe 1000 feet of ok vert the rest is bs traversing. If your on a board and F-up on the traverse… have a nice walk in deep flat snow. The lifts only run 9am to 3pm and its an old slow triple no padding.

    The lodge is a run down road stop. Moldy as the food and you pay out the nose. $25 will get you fried cardboard and flat beer. And please $55 bucks for one rusty lift and a tee bar that slays anyone new to this. You eill have to wait for over in hour to buy your lift ticket as well because the same person is signing people in for lessons and rentals. And the logger owner hacked the best tree runs adding more flat crap that begginers cant even get to because they cant ride the tee and if your on a board you will have to walk back for 20 min. to the lift from these new runs.

    Most the time its cold, -20 to 30c, this makes the snow so grippy you cant even slide on the minimal steeps. and then two days later its plus 5c and all the snow goes to sh@t.

    Its actually $50 to stay in the moldy Atco and don plan on sleeping as parties go on all night with pissing drunks in the hall ways, even common to have all out fights. Enjoy the hallow walls and sh@t and piss covered toilets, with the toilets seats rippeed off.

    If you do go the view of the Mountains accross the road are sick and if the logger owner does not cut down every last tree you will be able to see there beauty.

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