3 responses to “Kinosoo Ridge”

  1. Tamara B
    Snow Conditions 33333
    Quality of Terrain 44444
    Family Friendly 44444
    Atmosphere 44444
    Value 55555

    My favourite in Edmonton – fun.

  2. Lou
    Snow Conditions Not Rated
    Quality of Terrain Not Rated
    Family Friendly Not Rated
    Atmosphere Not Rated
    Value Not Rated

    Good thing you rent poles with your skis. If it weren`t for poling, you`d never get down the hill. Flat as a pool table waste of my hard earned money!

  3. Good Skier
    Snow Conditions 44444
    Quality of Terrain 33333
    Family Friendly 11111
    Atmosphere 11111
    Value 11111

    Not so hot. The snow’s good, they make a lot of it.
    The people …well the woman in charge is somewhat of a bully. She yells and is loud and obnoxious with her staff. We’re not going there again.
    The food is expensive and the WATER is extremely SALTY at the water fountain. It is perhaps the reason the coffee is atrocious and the pop has no fizz.
    The chalet is nice, we must admit to that and the staff helped us nicely but that woman in charge she is wicked.

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