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  1. Magazine Nordica
    Snow Conditions Not Rated
    Quality of Terrain Not Rated
    Family Friendly Not Rated
    Atmosphere Not Rated
    Value Not Rated

    […] Located in the middle of Ontario‘s snow belt, Horseshoe Resort receives approximately 120 inches of fresh snow a year. When Mother Nature fails to brew up enough powder, the resort can supplement her offerings with snow of its own creation. The mountain’s highest point is 1,332 feet and it has a 304-foot vertical drop. Horseshoe Resort has a relatively long season that typically starts in mid-December and runs through April. Snow conditions can vary right after a good storm, from powdery to over-skied and icy. […]

  2. Russ Lomas
    Snow Conditions 22222
    Quality of Terrain 11111
    Family Friendly Not Rated
    Atmosphere 11111
    Value 22222

    After not visiting this resort for the past 25 years, I returned this past Saturday evening for night skiing. I WILL NOT be returning again. If you want to feel safe, this is not the place to take your family. No patrollers to be seen anywhere. Boarders ripping down the slow skiing area doing jumps and running into little children. Overworked lift attendants with one person loading the chair and nobody to control the masses of people pushing others aside in line. People smoking (including pot) in the lift lines, on the chairs, and all around the chair unloading area. Certainly not the family friendly resort I remember from years ago.

  3. kingco
    Snow Conditions 33333
    Quality of Terrain 33333
    Family Friendly 44444
    Atmosphere 44444
    Value 33333

    Horseshoe is a good little spot. Nice resort and they try real hard. What they lack in vertical they make up for in family friendliness, decent for a day out with the fam.

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